We made it to DAY #7! Today is our last day to convince you to get running! Check out the post below, and don't forget to add your comment. For every comment you've posted over the last week, you'll be entered to win the exclusive Run Club Swag Bag! Winner will be announced tonight and bag will be delivered tomorrow morning at our Fun Run! Reason #7-PLEASE EXCUSE THE EXCUSES! I’m not a runner, I’m too busy, I don’t have time, I can’t keep up, I’m scared, I used to run but don't anymore, it's too hot, it's too cold...add one to the list because there are a lot of excuses to NOT run! But in the end, don't confuse an excuse with a reason. Simply put, excuses become the biggest roadblock to achieving success and access to an active lifestyle that we’ve learned from previous posts, can be full of happiness. Roadblocks can be successfully navigated around with a little bit of passion and dedication. For every excuse you have to not run, know that a runner out there is using it as her reason TO RUN! Don’t make your excuse a reason to not run! What excuse have you kicked in the butt to go out and run?

Need more convincing? Here we go...one more reason to get out there and RUN! Don't forget to leave a comment 📝 Reason #6 - RUN TO BE SUCCESSFUL Running allows you to set goals. And working toward a goal makes you feel happy. Once you achieve those goals, consider yourself successful! Need the formula? Goal + Running = Happy + Successful! Imagine your race day is here...all of your hard work has lead you to this moment. Then in a matter of no time, you cross the finish line and the feeling of accomplishing your goal is REAL! A nice shiny medal is handed to you so that you may never forget that moment of success. But later, after it all sinks in, you begin to realize that the true joy might be better attributed to the JOURNEY of getting to that finish line- in the sweat, countless miles, weeks, months, and even years of training. From lacing up your running shoes, to crossing a finish line- running is a journey filled with successful moments! What is one of your running goals?

Here's a reason that's good for your heart and soles!!! Check out why YOU should be running, and add your comments below! Reason #5 - RUN FOR A CAUSE Have a passion for giving back? Running is for you! Most races team up with a charitable organization, and running for a cause and not just because, is not only noble but also excellent motivation! Upon signing up for a race, you are often given the opportunity to increase awareness and raise additional funds by asking those you know for donations and support. The new trend of virtual racing has also taken on supporting various organizations. And don't forget your charity running apps- create an account, go for a run, and for every mile completed a donation will be made on your behalf to a charity of your choice. Easy peasy! Have a favorite charity? Run for it! Know someone who is struggling, or battling an illness? Run for them, or better yet, with them! What charity do you love to support with your running?

Today is DAY #4, and we're halfway through our series, "Seven Reasons YOU Should Be Running!". Check out the post below, tag your favorite runners, and get a chance to win some swag. And don't forget to grab your buddies for our free Fun Run happening on the Strip this Saturday morning!!! Reason #4 - TWO WORDS: RUNNING BUDDIES! If your running journey is just beginning, it won’t take you long before you figure out that you belong to a wonderful running community. As women, we are happy when we feel strong social connections. Once you become connected with other runners, you’ll wonder how you ever survived prior to finding them! In addition, you can thank your running buddies for making pace and distance seem like a perk, not a roadblock (result = your improved running performance), that gentle push that goes a long way (aka constructive competition), and for making sure that you don’t slack on your own commitment (hello accountability!)- only one friend has the guts to call you pre-sunrise to get you out of bed for your weekend long run! You'll soon realize that there isn't a more supportive and social sport than running ❤️ Share the love and tag your running buddies!

It's DAY #3! Another day...another reason YOU should be running! Comment below for your chance to win the exclusive Run Club swag bag! And don't forget to check back tomorrow for Day #4... Reason #3 - RUN BECAUSE IT'S EASY! You can do it anytime anywhere. You don’t need a particular skill set, or expensive gear. If you have a pair of running shoes, it’s as simple as lacing them up and putting one foot in front of the other! Running accepts you where you are at, at any level, and you only become better the more that you do it. So what are you waiting for?! What is your favorite running gear?!

It's DAY #2! Here's one more reason why YOU should be running! Don't forget to comment for a chance to win some sweet Run Club swag ❤️💪 Reason #2 - RUN TO BE HEALTHY! The health benefits of running are REAL! Studies show that a running routine can help prevent- obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and even some cancers. Need more reasons? Don't forget - a decrease in body fat, while maintaining a healthy weight; more effective use of oxygen around the body; stronger heart; more efficient muscles; strengthening of bones and joints; improvement in cognitive function; and the cherry on top...adding years to your life! What health benefit have you experienced, or would you like to experience, as a result of running?

Fit4Mom Las Vegas- Body Back

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It's DAY #1 of the, "Seven Reasons YOU Should Be Running!" Run Club Session Four lead up and giveaway! Comment on the post below for your chance to win a FIT4MOM Las Vegas Run Club Swag Bag! Stay tuned all week for more chances to win. Reason #1 - RUN TO BE HAPPY! Runners are said to be the happiest people on the planet. But why? The long sought after “Runner’s High” may be to thank. Runners often experience a feeling of euphoria, along with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain that can last the duration of a run, hours and sometimes days after! If that’s not enough, running helps improve mental clarity, reduces stress levels, and makes you a happier person overall. Turns out your search for happiness is right under your feet! What part of running makes you happy?!

Our annual "Fun Run" is just about a week away, which means the start of another memorable Run Club Session is right around the corner! Join us for the next week as we get ready to kickoff Run Club Session 4 with daily posts entitled, "The Seven Reasons YOU Should Be Running!". We want to know you better and get your honest opinions on running, so with every comment you provide on the daily posts, you'll be entered into a raffle for a FIT4MOM Las Vegas Run Club Swag Bag- including Club essentials like sweet FIT4MOM Las Vegas swag, a pair of exclusive Run Club sunnies, a 2017 running journal to track alllllllll those miles, water bottle and fuel for your long run days, a free one hour running session with our certified running coach to perfect proper running form, AND a discount for Session Four! The winner of the goodies will be announced next Friday, and swag bag delivery will happen at next Saturday's Fun Run...time to get crazy with the comments ladies! Finally, don't forget to grab your running buddies and join us on the Strip next Saturday at 7:00am for our FREE Fun Run... Link to register: https://www.facebook.com/events/1243802162378490/ And registration is now OPEN for Run Club Session 4, which starts the week of 1/22... Link to register for Run Club Session 4: https://fit4mom-lasvegas.frontdeskhq.com/categories/44759

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How much time do you commit to YOU?Every woman is a daughter, sister, friend, mama, partner. It is in our nature to connect and build relationships on a daily basis. But are you taking the time to nurture your relationship with yourself? This is why we dedicate time at the end of every Body Back workout for a focused meditation. Because YOU are worth it. Join us for our upcoming sessions kicking off end of this month! . Link in bio . . . . 📸cred: #Repost @swpdxfit4mom with @repostapp

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Fit4Mom Las Vegas Fun Run

Fit4Mom Las Vegas Fun Run

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Thank you for another amazing year of memories! We can't wait to see you in 2017!!! #newyear #fit4momlasvegas #fit4mom

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