"Seven Reasons You Should be Running"//// Reason #4 - TWO WORDS: RUNNING BUDDIES! If your running journey is just beginning, it won’t take you long before you figure out that you belong to a wonderful running community. As women, we are happy when we feel strong social connections. Once you become connected with other runners, you’ll wonder how you ever survived prior to finding them! In addition, you can thank your running buddies for making pace and distance seem like a perk, not a roadblock (result = your improved running performance), that gentle push that goes a long way (aka constructive competition), and for making sure that you don’t slack on your own commitment (hello accountability!)- only one friend has the guts to call you pre-sunrise to get you out of bed for your weekend long run! You'll soon realize that there isn't a more supportive and social sport than running ❤️ Share the love and tag your running buddies! . . . Check out our giveaway happening right now on our Facebook page!

"Seven Reasons You Should be Running" . . . Reason #3 - RUN BECAUSE IT'S EASY! You can do it anytime anywhere. You don’t need a particular skill set, or expensive gear. If you have a pair of running shoes, it’s as simple as lacing them up and putting one foot in front of the other! Running accepts you where you are at, at any level, and you only become better the more that you do it. So what are you waiting for?! . . Check out our giveaway happening right now on our Facebook page!

"Seven Reasons You Should be Running" . . . Reason #2 - RUN TO BE HEALTHY! The health benefits of running are REAL! Studies show that a running routine can help prevent- obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and even some cancers. Need more reasons? Don't forget - a decrease in body fat, while maintaining a healthy weight; more effective use of oxygen around the body; stronger heart; more efficient muscles; strengthening of bones and joints; improvement in cognitive function; and the cherry on top...adding years to your life! What health benefit have you experienced, or would you like to experience, as a result of running? . . Check out our giveaway happening right now on our Facebook page!

"Seven Reasons You Should be Running" . . . Reason #1 - RUN TO BE HAPPY! Runners are said to be the happiest people on the planet. But why? The long sought after “Runner’s High” may be to thank. Runners often experience a feeling of euphoria, along with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain that can last the duration of a run, hours and sometimes days after! If that’s not enough, running helps improve mental clarity, reduces stress levels, and makes you a happier person overall. Turns out your search for happiness is right under your feet! What part of running makes you happy? . . Check out our giveaway happening right now on our Facebook page!

Our Summerlin Body Back is officially SOLD OUT! We still have available spots in our Henderson morning and evening sessions.... grab your spot today! Our New Year's special ends TOMORROW at midnight!!! Link in bio

It's time to lace up and MOVE! Our RUN CLUB is open for enrollment!!! With 5K, 10K, OCR, half and full marathon training options, we have something for every level of fitness. Join us for fun group runs, weekly educational clinics, training plans and the best group of sole sisters anyone could ask for!!! . . . #runner #run #fit #runhappy #runners #RunClub #runlikeamother #fitspo #fitmom #fit4momlasvegas

#RunClub Session FOUR is coming! And this magical mama makes it an experience of a lifetime every single time. Come meet Katie, our certified Run Club Coach at our Fun Run on the #LasVegasStrip January 21st! . . . #Tempo ... tempo... tempo...RUN! 2 miles warm up pace + 2 miles LT (lactate threshold) pace + 1 mile cool down = tempo run variation. Still trying to get comfortable with a "comfortably hard" pace 😅. Gearing up for FIT4MOM Las Vegas Run Club Session FOUR with my favorite peeps, and breaking down marathon training one run at a time... 💪❤️ #havefuntrainsmartraceSTRONG #heavybreathingweirdglances #chasingdownskateboarders #runlikeamother #running #runhappy #runner #fitspo #fit #repost @katie_turner10

How much time do you commit to YOU?Every woman is a daughter, sister, friend, mama, partner. It is in our nature to connect and build relationships on a daily basis. But are you taking the time to nurture your relationship with yourself? This is why we dedicate time at the end of every Body Back workout for a focused meditation. Because YOU are worth it. Join us for our upcoming sessions kicking off end of this month! . Link in bio . . . . 📸cred: #Repost @swpdxfit4mom with @repostapp

Happiness is running with a friend❤️ Join us for a FUN RUN on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip and get a taste of our endurance training programs! With 5K, 10K, #OCR, 1/2 and full marathon options... We have something for everyone... Novice to advanced... Join us!!!

Getting to your workouts as a mom can be challenging. Good thing our babies love Stroller Strides just as much as we do🤗 #Themotherhoodisreal #fitness #fitmom #fit4momlasvegas #fit4mom #fitspo #fitspiration #DTSummerlin #mommylife #mom . . 📷:: Instructor @vegasfitmom

#Repost @alysiamontano @bobgearus @repostapp ・・・ GIVEAWAY!!! It's all in the name ! So many Revolutions underway! Enter to win your own @BOBgearus Revolution jogging stroller of your choice! Here's how to ENTER to win: (read to the bottom) 1. Follow ME Like this post ❤️ and 2. Register to participate in the Resolution Revolution Run on New Year's Day! 🔗Link in my bio (hint: Put your social media handle with your resolution in registration to increase your chance) 3. Use the #BOBRRR2017 so we can see your progress on the New Years day! 📝note: Don't live in the San Francisco Bay Area? You're in luck! Virtual runners, walkers and skippers welcome! All registrants who follow the rules above will be entered to win a BOB Revolution stroller of their choice! Must be a resident of the USA or Canada (excluding Quebec due to sweepstakes regulations). Good luck!! ⭐️WINNER ANNOUNCED WEDNESDAY JAN 4, 2017 at 12:00pm PST #FlyingFlowerRevolution #ResolutionRevolutionRun2017

2017 is fast approaching and we are excited to stride into the New Year with you and your kiddos. We want this to be your best year yet and we are ready to rock the new year by your side! In honor of 2017 we are offering a special to get you ready... Click on the link below and let's rock 2017 together! #Themotherhoodisreal and not one single mama needs to do it alone. We are your village and we are ready to welcome you with open arms! xoxo -FIT4MOM Las Vegas ... ... ... Click on the link for discounted $20.17 Enrollment Fees for all Memberships, last chance 2016 rates for all Class Passes and SAVE on Body Back Winter Session: 📷: @lasvegaslala

support (verb): 1. to sustain or withstand without giving way 2. to uphold a person by aid, countenance, etc 3. to sustain a person under trial or difficulty. 4. to advocate There's nothing like working out with a supportive group of friends. And that's exactly what you'll get at Body Back... A supportive group of women and coaches to help cheer you on, keep you accountable and push you past your comfort zone to help you achieve your goals! Take advantage of our New Years Specials for Body Back on sale now! Only a few spots remain.. Link in bio #HIIT #fit4momlasvegas #results #momlife #bootcamp #trainlikeamother #workout #fitmom #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitness4mom #fitspo #fitness #2017 #newyears

We see you mama. Always taking care of everyone else. So we think it's time you spend an hour just on yourself. An hour to work on your goals, release some stress and be your best version of YOU. With our themed workouts, you'll be able to transform not only your body but your mind too. And even better, we wrap up every workout with a focused meditation so you can take some time to breathe... Because you deserve it. Our Body Back 8 week TRANSFORMATION sessions are filling... Grab your spot today! Link in bio. #themotherhoodisreal #fit4momlasvegas #results #momlife #bootcamp #trainlikeamother #workout #fitmom #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitness4mom #fitspo #fitness #transformation #fitstagram #fitchick #fitlife #fit4mom

Want an intense workout with maximum results? HIIT it! High intensity interval training is considered to be much more effective than your normal cardio because the intensity is higher and you are able to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat than ever before. All of our Body Back workouts are HIIT based so you can get the most out of your hour with us! Join us for our next 8 week session... Link in bio! #HIIT #fit4momlasvegas #results #momlife #bootcamp #trainlikeamother #workout #fitmom #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitness4mom #fitspo #fitness

Reason #2 to join our NEW Body Back Transformation program... Fuel Your Body. We all know you can't out exercise a bad diet so we provide tools and resources to help you fuel your body properly so it can achieve maximum results. Weekly meal planners, nutritious recipes, food journals and more! You would never put water downed fuel in your car... So why put anything besides clean, healthy whole foods in your body? New Year's Specials are happening now... Space is limited. Link in bio. #fuelyourbody #foodisfuel #food #nutrition #foodporn #results #momlife #bootcamp #trainlikeamother #workout #fitmom #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitness4mom #fitspo #fitness

Reason #1 to join our NEW Body Back Transformation program... Results. Whether you have 100 pounds to lose or 5, if you are new to working out, or training for your 10th triathlon, our coaches will help you reach your goals in a supportive & inspiring environment! Spots are filling and our New Year's Sale is only good through January 1st! Locations across the Valley... Link in bio. #HIIT #fit4momlasvegas #results #momlife #bootcamp #trainlikeamother #workout #fitmom #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitness4mom #fitspo #fitness

"It's not easy getting back to workouts after a baby. You're exhausted. You lack confidence. You're discouraged because your body has changed and the thought of how long it'll take to get back to how you were is downright terrifying. I know this because I'm 8 weeks postpartum after having baby #4. BUT THIS. That moment when you complete that first full workout and it's time for the post class meditation. Reflecting on all that your body has done not just in the last 60 minutes but over the course of the last 6 years... creating four beautiful children and raising them the best that you can. You are brave, optimistic, determined. Reminding yourself just how important it is to embrace patience, grace and love for yourself as you commit to your new goals and aspirations. And always remembering how important it truly is to make that conscious effort to slow down, breathe and take time for yourself.... Because you can never pour from an empty cup." -Jessica Mom to 🙋🏼Grace (6), 🙋🏼Gabriella (5), 🙋🏼Moriah (3) and 👶🏼Giovanni (8 weeks) ............................……...................................... #themotherhoodisreal #fit4mom #fit4momlasvegas #strengthformotherhood #momlife #bootcamp #hiit #fillyourcup #bodyback #postpartum #postworkout #meditation #gracedbygrit

New Year, reNEW you... New Year's specials are almost here!!! Be sure to follow our page or sign up for our newsletter for the latest details on how you can save on our upcoming Winter Session! #fit4momlasvegas #bodyback #hiit #results #bootcamp

Holiday Specialty Workouts and playgroups coming at you this week!!! Check out our schedule and join us!!! Holiday attire HIGHLY suggested for ALL classes this week for moms AND kiddos- don't forget your Santa hats, ugly Christmas sweaters, crazy Christmas leggings, and holiday socks or leg warmers! We can't wait to see you!!!

We support our #breastfeeding mamas and love seeing all of the #treeoflife pics flooding our feeds. Wondering how to create yours? Here you go! #normalizebreastfeeding •Download the PicsArt app. •Download our Walk in the Woods or Trees sticker pack, or Google “transparent tree” or “tree roots” and download it to your phone. •Open the app and tap on “Edit,” then select your breast-feeding photo/brelfie. •On the bottom panel, tap on the Sticker icon, and choose a tree from one of the sticker packs. Or, if you downloaded a tree image from Google, go to Add Photo and select that image. •If you’re using a tree sticker, add it on and adjust to your liking. If you’re using an image downloaded from Google, go to “Blend” and select “Multiply.” The white background should disappear. If not, look for a new photo or use our stickers. •Rotate your image or sticker to your liking. You can also tap on the eraser button and erase parts that extend out too far. Tap on “Apply.” •Then, go to Magic Effects and choose the effect you like. Rainbow, Flare, and Midnight are the most popular. You can also adjust the blending modes or opacity. •Tap on “Apply,” then save to your device and share on PicsArt photo editor!


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