fit4mom las vegas

Come, As You Are, Mama!

Come, as you are, mama. That is the greatest thing about FIT4MOM, and particularly, the Village at FIT4MOM Las Vegas. As I was driving away after Stroller Strides last week, I randomly thought to myself, “you never wear makeup anymore,” and then I realized, none of the mamas at class were wearing makeup…today, or any day. Stay with me here, I know its common sense, “you don’t really wear makeup to go workout, and hello, you’ve been working out with these gals for over a year, and you’re just now realizing they aren’t wearing makeup?” To answer my own wild minds question; YES! It just clicked to me. The thing is, these women are so beautiful inside and out, I just forgot that sometimes we are seeing each other at our worst, or our best or whatever we are that day, and it goes straight over our heads. We are all different in many ways, but we’re all there with at least one common interest, self care. No matter how you came to class that day, you will leave feeling uplifted, refreshed, supported, empowered and proud.

That’s why I am saying, “Come, as you are, mama”.

If you had a rough night, up every hour feeding, or tending to a sleepless little; come, as you are, mama.

If you woke up thinking this is going to be a great day, and then you stepped on a lego, spilled your coffee, yelled a curse worse and in turn scared your little causing a roller coaster of crying; come, as you are, mama.

If you have had a great morning, made a fabulous breakfast, got the kids dressed to the nines, and have dinner already prepped, come, as you are, mama.

No matter what the night held, or how the morning has started, you are strong, and you are beautiful! Your friends at class can’t wait to see you and your little. Your babe can’t wait to see her friends. You got out of the house; you made the commitment to go to class, and to do something for YOU!

So please, come, as you are, mama!