New mama must haves: tops picks from our FIT4MOM Village

First time mom? Gap between your last baby? Or just wanting to know what the new fancy must haves are for after baby? We have you covered. Our village is filled with every type of mom possible. Working mom, SAHM, older mom, young mom, breastfeeding mom, formula mom, by the book mom, go with the flow mom, ALL THE MOMS! We put them in a room together and sorted out the top things you need for postpartum recovery.

1. Diapers! Yes! Don't let them fool you, there will be blood! Diapers are your friends. These are wonderful for the first couple weeks of recovery. Then you can transition to pads, you remember those from junior high? Pull them out girl. And while you're at it, turn them into these. Make them well before baby comes so they are ready.

2. The hospital is going to give you a spray bottle for...well...down there, to help with healing and the stinging that may occur after baby if you have a vaginal birth. Try this instead, its much better for maneuvering and not too pricey.

3. Ask for help! Do not decline help. Let someone do your dishes, let someone help with laundry, and let people cook you some meals. FIT4MOM Las Vegas always offers a meal train for any mama in need. You can sign up for a week or as long as you need. Of course having many people over when you're fresh out from the hospital can be overwhelming, but don't be afraid to set your boundaries. People will be understanding if you ask to cut their visit short; and if they aren't, they'll get over it.

4. Fiber. Whether its a c-section or vaginal, you might need a little help in the #2 department. There are many options, pills, powders, special foods etc. Do your research and see which option is the best for you.

5. Belly bands postpartum supports. There are so many options in this category. Snaps, clips, zips, velcros you name it. This is another one that you'll need to find your preference as it is something you will wear.

6. Steal! Well, you know, its not like you aren't going to have a hefty bill from them anyways. Just grab all the things from the hospital. Pads, diapers, wipes, binkys, all the things; pack them away in the bags and ask for more.

7. Nursing tops. The ones with the clips and built in bra, so you can easily pull them down for quick feedings or pumping.

What are your go to items? What do you think we should add? Comment below with your thoughts.