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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

We know this might sound silly to some, but to others, this is serious business! If you've been looking for the best PSL in town, we have found it! Surprisingly, it wasn't at a mom & pop shop like we truthfully anticipated. After trying a few locations throughout the valley, we (a handful of awesome ladies) have the results. Some people live for all things pumpkin...and by some, well...we mean us. Ok, back to the findings. When you think of the perfect pumpkin latte, you want it to hit all the right senses; smell, taste, feel, sight. The smell should be strong, almost like a bath and body candle, with pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla and a hint of cloves. Taste and feel kind of go together; after a sip you want to feel like the holidays, almost like a holiday in a cup! It should be warm and smooth and not too thick, but still creamy. The color should be a nice fall orange with specks of cinnamon. And most importantly, it should be made with REAL pumpkin, not that fake crap! Without further ado, the winner is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! They know how to make it best. They had a perfect balance of all the things. We will certainly be purchasing our "Holiday in a cup" drink for the rest of the season there.

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