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Save with me, Mom shopping hacks

Let's see if we can save you some money, time and sanity. It’s that time of the week again…grocery shopping! And not just grocery shopping, but grocery shopping, with children. You can only keep them occupied for so long before a freak out over fruit snacks, or a blowout in the bread aisle. We are going to let you in on a secret that you may have heard about, but have yet to try. Three words; WalMart. Grocery. Pickup. Cue the angels in the clouds singing. If you haven’t tried this yet, you must. It’s a complete game changer. You just finished a body back class, and you’re headed to the store, sweaty and tired, and all you want is to go home. Now you can. Do yourself a favor, download the app (or if you have a friend that already uses the service tell them to send you their code which gives you and them $10 off). Sit on your couch with your favorite beverage, and SHOP! Then schedule your pickup for the next day. You drive to the designated pick up location, park, they bring it out to you and you drive home. It’s really that simple! The nice thing is you can sort through the different brands and products and find the best price, AND you can order more than just groceries. Home goods, toiletries, mason jars, you name it!

While you’re downloading apps, make sure to get Costco, VONS, Sprouts and Smiths! Costco’s app will show you their monthly specials with savings on diapers, wipes and all the things. VONS and Sprouts have FREE weekly items, no purchase necessary, and Smiths also has a free item every Friday.


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