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The Heart behind Run Club and Body Back

We know you've heard about Run Club and Body Back and maybe thought about joining, but just haven't yet. We wanted to share why these coaches do what they do. We asked all the questions, from food, to what, to how, and even why? We found that it is so much more than just a job to them, it's a passion.

First up, Katie Turner, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Run Club Coach

Katie, tell us, what is Run Club?

"It’s a cool, legit running club in our community, designed especially for WOMEN of ALL fitness levels and stages of life! There’s really nothing else out there like it being offered in our community. We provide our runners with comprehensive training plans, and meet twice per week for group runs, over the course of an 8-12 week long session. BUT, it’s about way more than just running! It’s about like-minded women coming together, in a supportive environment, and accomplishing epic goals and dreams! Us coaches work hard to create a running “experience and journey” for our members...not just provide a platform for logging miles!"

What made you want to be a Run Club coach?

"Waaaaaayyyy back in the day I was part of a small group of Stroller Strides moms who would meet up once a week, to run up and down Paseo Verde, while pushing our babies in jogging strollers! #Bossmom Jessica P would come and pace us. She tricked me into registering for the RNR Las Vegas Half Marathon that year, which was 10 more miles than I had ever ran at one time before. It was a beautiful...actually miserable, experience that I vowed to NEVER do again. Maybe a week later when I could actually walk again, I expressed an interest in becoming “Coach”, lol. Now that I am “Coach”, it’s my mission that each of our runners who crosses a finish line, has a smile on their face, and is trained enough to ENJOY the experience!"

What is/are your go to snacks/meals before a run? Does it change based on the length of the run?

"Yay...we get to talk about food! Yes, it does change based on the length of a run...

-Before a daily training run...nothing specific. I’ll actually stop eating a couple hours before a run.

-The day before a race...this day is super strategic when it comes to fueling for a successful run! I’ll increase my water intake, increase healthy carbs starting in the morning, and over the years have found that what works best for my body is a dinner of chicken with a carb like rice, pasta, or sweet potato. I like pineapple for a dessert the night before a race, for its digestive enzymes. It’s nothing fancy, but the fancy comes AFTER the race, lol. The day before I’ll also treat myself to my favorite juice from The Juice Standard (Bee on Point is my go to Bev). But that’s more of a mental reward for completing a training cycle, and makes me really happy and confident for what’s to come!

-The morning of a race, about 3 hours pre race...I’ll have my coffee with collagen protein, a half bagel with almond or peanut butter, honey, and some banana slices on top. It’s also a meal that’s super easy to bring when traveling and staying in a hotel for a race. If it’s a higher mileage race, I’ll eat more of that...yum..."

What is your favorite part/thing about Run Club?

"Our Run Clubbers! They are THE most amazing women. I’m always blown away with the level of determination and commitment they display, the camaraderie and fun formed between them, and the fact that they show up in the wee hours of a weekend morning with a smile on their face ready to run."

How many sessions have you taught?

"I can’t believe that we’re going into our EIGHTH SESSION...So going on 4 years, I think. Wow!"

Any memorable moments/members?

"Haha...YES...ALL OF THEM!!! I love this question as I get to walk (or run) down memory lane! I’ll never forget the women who run their first mile EVER with Run Club, and those who run their farthest distance EVER with Run Club. All the sunrises, all the sunsets, and all the planks that we share. I’ll never forget the candid conversations had between women and moms trying to navigate hard life circumstances. And I’ll NEVER forget all the laughs, the type that makes you cry because you’re laughing so hard. I’ve had the pleasure to run a lot of miles with a lot of different women, and while I may not remember every mile, I will remember every woman ️ Now I HAVE to share a little something special about each session, because they deserve it, so bear with me...

-My “brave” Session 1 ladies who took a chance on me and little ole’ Run Club! Together we dreamed big, ran wild and free, and broke down barriers of how women can run AND balance motherhood/womanhood. They truly set the tone for all the sessions that followed.

-My “fun loving friends” of Session 2. These ladies loved each other, maybe even more than they loved running, lol! We traveled to San Francisco and walked 22 miles around the city on the day before we ran our Half Marathon! They are also my bunch that gladly sported full 80’s themed running attire for an impromptu track session and photo shoot on our last group run.

-My “BIG, confident, rockstar” Session 3 group that dominated a 30+ hour Ragnar team relay race one weekend, and then smashed the LV RNR Half Marathon the very next weekend! I’ll never forget sleeping through the alarm with Tina (on two ginormous love sacs) at Melissa’s house during Ragnar, lol.

-My “small but mighty powerful” Session 4 ladies. Together we ran from the mountains to the beach, and crossed the line of our first MARATHON in Ventura, CA. I’ll never forget sharing tears on the St Rose Parkway bridge with these wonderful women.

-My “dedicated workhorses” of Session 5. These ladies put the “RUN” in the “Club”! From day one they posted their daily runs in our Facebook group to encourage each other. They even met up outside of group runs for non-official group runs. They melded so nicely with one another. They were dedicated to the training, accountable to one another, and friggin’ WORKED until the very end. They are also some of the most generous women I know. That year we ran and donated for victims of Hurricane Harvey in TX, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and survivors and victims of Las Vegas October 1.

-My “thoughtful, supportive” runners of Session 6. A lot of the same women from the prior session...so all ️ again! They also were the women who supported me through my Boston Marathon experience. They believed in me more than I believed in myself. So grateful for this group. Also won’t ever forget our amazing mom/daughter running duo crossing the finish line of their first half marathon, holding hands ️.

-My “comeback queens” of lucky Session 7. Many of these women ran in their past, and used Run club to get back in the game! I’m so proud of all that they accomplished. I’ll never forget our special Unicorn Hills moment, running down the mountain and through the clouds in Big Bear, and seeing the smiles on their faces as they ran to the finish line of our capstone race in BC. They are beautiful women inside and out."

Why should people try RC?

"If the thought of running or Run Club intrigues you, intimidates you, makes you excited, makes you nervous, or makes you dream...DO IT! If it has ever been a thought of yours to someday run, but you don’t know where to start...DO IT. If someone in your past told you that you couldn’t run...DO IT. The magic ALWAYS happens when you step outside your comfort zone. I encourage and challenge every woman (yes, YOU) to set a goal for yourself and sign up for a future race of any distance, join Run Club and have an awesome experience with amazing women, and achieve your goal. Just going through that process, even one time, will give you the confidence to dream big and achieve goals in all areas of your life!"

What’s next for Run Club?

"I’m so glad you asked! We’re celebrating by offering a special “Winter Speed Session”, that’s never been done before! It is a truly unique offering in our local running community, that will combine 5k training for speed, along with our newest program offering, Strides 360! So take advantage of this and check us out! We start the week of 11/5, and we’ll run together into the New Year. Looking forward to lots of Holiday Run Club shenanigans!"

Anything else you want to add to this?

"Can I leave you with one of my favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quotes that is so applicable to running?

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face...You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt."

Next we have Michelle Silvestri, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Body Back Coach

Michelle, what made you want to be a Body Back coach?

"I was a Body Back client first. In navigating my new role as a mom, I felt like I needed to find myself again. I was lucky enough to find Fit4Mom and more specifically the Body Back program to give me that "me" time that I needed. My starting goals were simple...weight loss! That elusive baby weight. When I was able to lose that and more while gaining confidence I knew this program was legit! It hadn't really crossed my mind to become a coach until Jessica mentioned it to me. I still thought I had so far to go, how could I coach others? I decided to give it a try and am so glad that I did! It has been a wonderful experience helping ladies to get whatever it is THEY need from the program."

Included with the session is a recipe guide, what is your favorite recipe?

"This sounds like a sales pitch but ALL of the recipes that I have tried from the Body Back Recipe Guide have turned out to be delicious! For ease of preparation I love the Crock Pot Chicken Verde and the Turkey Chili. It's really hard to choose!"

What is your favorite part/thing about Body Back?

"I love that the program encourages women to identify their own goals and the coaches are there to support them in reaching whatever that goal may be. I also LOVE challenges! I like that you can play on the competitive spirit of the group to push toward success!"

How many sessions have you taught?

"I have taught 7 sessions now. Each one unique and special!"

Any memorable moments/members?

"There are SO MANY! From Moms who left their little ones with Daddy for the first time to come to assessments to members who set goals and crushed them, there have just been so many wonderful memories. I had an amazing group who surprised me with a Birthday Party once. I also love the friendships that I can see develop through the program. And of course...there are the physical transformations! The before/after pictures tell the story for some of these ladies and I'm proud to say that I was there on that journey!"

Why should people try body back?

"Because...why not? I had a client once who called Body Back her "Mommy Vacation". She knew that we all owe ourselves that bit of me time, and why not do that in a fully supportive environment of women with similar goals? I truly love the Body Back program and want nothing more than to share that with others! The strength you gain mentally and physically is worth it!"

Anything else you want to add to this?

"I hope that if anyone out there is on the fence, wanting to try the program but isn't sure how it will work for them, or just plain wants to know more about it they will reach out! I am always available to talk Body Back with anyone who wants to listen. Other than telling them how much they will love it, there is no pressure! Please ask the questions, and then join the fun!"

And there you have it. It's not to late for you to sign up for our Holiday Mini Body Back or Run Club Winter Speed Session!