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Working out in the Vegas Heat!

Here in Vegas, Summer makes its arrival known by the beads of sweat that form on our foreheads just by the simple thought of stepping outside. So how do we survive? And what in the world do we do to keep our babies cool in the 100 degree plus temps? Contrary to popular belief, we don't stay secluded indoors praying for an early Fall. Here are some tips from our very own local Moms on their favorite ways for keeping cool during the Summer heat:

1. Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towels - These towels utilize a thinner, comfy, and amazingly breathable design to keep you cool. They are easy to use; soak, wring out, and enjoy!

2. BEX Wesley Sunglasses - These Aviator Sunglasses are lightweight, polarized, and have grippy nose pads so they stay on during sweaty workouts; and we get a discount as a FIT4MOM Las Vegas member!

3. The Noggle - The Noggle extends cool air directly from your vehicle dash vent to your children in the backseat. It is available in a variety of lengths and cool designs, and stores away easily when not in use.

4. Water - Drink all the water ladies! Bring more than you might think you need for you and kiddos. Freeze one for keeping cool, and to drink as it melts!

5. Teardrop Spray Bottle - This 12oz bottle is great to fill with water to spray you and your littles down throughout the workout. Bonus, its inexpensive, so get 2 because the kids love them and probably won't share with you!

6. Personal water mister pump - This 1.5 liter bottle has a wide mouth which allows crushed or full cubed ice for an extra cold blast! It comes with a carrying strap with belt/bag clip for on the go portability!

7. Thermos Fountain Cup - Made with TherMax double-wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention and keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours. It has a hygienic push-button lid with a pop-up straw and a durable stainless-steel interior and exterior; made from BPA-free materials.

8. Frozen Fruit - Freeze some of your babes favorite fruit for a super cold and tasty treat. Especially great if they're teething; double whammy there moms!

9. Soft terry washcloths - Freeze these! They will feel so lovely for you and your kiddo during or after your workout. They are soft and smooth for baby's tender skin too!

10. O2Cool Deluxe misting fan -These are so great! They provide up to 1,000 mists in one bottle, safe flexible fan blades and the water opening is large enough to accommodates ice!

11. Reusable gel bead pack - It can be frozen for fast-acting cold therapy, and is completely microwave-safe for heat therapy! These are great to put on your kiddos backs in the stroller, under their little legs or even for them to just hold to keep cool. The flexible (and fun!) gel beads in this hot/cold pack allow it to remain flexible even when frozen. It contours easily to any part of the body.

There you have it moms! We train in the rain, and we beat the heat! With all of these great tips, we know you and your littles will continue your workouts, and keep cool in the summer sun!