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Any mom knows it's hard to sneak in a workout when you're chasing after a little munchkin (or they're chasing after you). With this full-body babywearing workout, you can wear your little one while adding some movement into your day.



2020 is your year to shine. It's time to say goodbye to 2019 and hello to a new decade. What's the first step in doing so? Committing to simple daily check-ins with yourself. Doing things that raise your spirit, that honor your body, that serve your well-being, and that lift you up.

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It’s Time to Take Care of You!

Your day is filled with taking care of everyone, except yourself. You’re always on the go, your energy is low. You’d like to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. You’d also like to eat healthier food, cook healthier meals for your family, tone and strengthen your body, and find your best version of YOU. Sound familiar?

Body Back® is our results based total body, high intensity...


Often times we hear that “it takes a Village to raise a child.” And while that holds very true, many of us don’t realize that it’s really the Moms of the world who could use the support of a Village most. Since the beginning of time, we know that “village life” inherently fostered a sense of safety, inclusivity, purpose, acceptance, and importance to its “tribe”. So why would we deprive ourselves of those beautiful gifts as mothers now? At...


You want to take baby for a walk. But you also want a dedicated me-time workout. We’ve found a great routine that combines both. Baby gets a walk. You get a workout and save time!

It goes without saying, that finding “alone” time to work-out can sometimes be a challenge when you’re a Mom. But, what if you didn’t have to work-out “alone”? What if your precious little baby could join you and get some fresh air, or a nap… all at the same...


Father's Day is right around the corner! FIT4MOM Las Vegas Owner, Jessica Peralta joins Good Morning Las Vegas to chat about unique and memorable gift ideas for those special dads in our lives!!! Check out the clip here:

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Father's Day 2019 is Sunday, June 16th and there's no one...

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Have you heard about the coolest Kids' Club in town??? FIT4MOM Las Vegas is excited to share the latest deets about the official Kids Club of the Vegas Golden Knights and even better.... how our followers can win a visit from our favorite gila monster, CHANCE!

Sign up this month for the Kids Club and be sure to select "blog" on the "how did you hear about us." *All entries will be entered into a random drawing where one lucky winner...


Curious about Stroller Strides®? This is one of the most complete fitness programs we’ve ever seen for Moms. Power walking. Jogging. Strength intervals. Body toning. It’s called Stroller Strides® from FIT4MOM Las Vegas. And the best part of all: You can do everything with your child.

Looking for a great workout but don’t want to sacrifice time away from your little one? Mommy and Me workouts are the way to go. Here are four of our...


It's not very often that most locals venture out with their families to the Las Vegas Strip. But when we do, we want to make the most of it! We recently took a trip to Bally's to check out their REAL BODIES exhibit which explores life by displaying more than 20 real, perfectly preserved human bodies and more than 200 anatomical specimens. Even better, it's the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about many of the things they'd normally...

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Here in Vegas, Summer makes its arrival known by the beads of sweat that form on our foreheads just by the simple thought of stepping outside. So how do we survive? And what in the world do we do to keep our babies cool in the 100 degree plus temps? Contrary to popular belief, we don't stay secluded indoors praying for an early Fall. Here are some tips from our very own local Moms on their favorite ways for keeping cool during the Summer...


Have you ever had interest in using oils, but just had no idea where to even start? We have all been there. Thankfully we have the scoop from a super mom of 3 beautiful boys, to give us the the details. We sat down with Sarah and got answers to some top questions we as mamas have.


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As we approach the warmth of Spring and Summer, we're all prepping for those well deserved vacations. Traveling in itself is no easy feat; but adding those sweet kiddos in to the mix, that's a whole other ball game. Thankfully we have some great tips and tricks to make the process just a bit smoother so you can fully enjoy that vacation, mama!

"Here are some tips and tricks I’ve used and learned from my momma village along this...

fit4mom member recipes

We asked our members for their favorite go to Crockpot recipes and put them all here to share with you! Can we just say that we are so hungry after reading these!

Chicken Burrito Bowls


*4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

*1 cup of your favorite store bought salsa

*1.5 teaspoons chili powder

*1 teaspoon ground cumin

*1 teaspoon minced garlic

*Juice of 1 lime

*1 (15 oz) can...

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If you and your family plan to check out the glittering lights around Las Vegas this season, be sure not to miss these spots! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite lights that are sure to brighten up your holiday!

1, 730 Bollons Island St. Henderson, NV 89002 - This Henderson resident has a Christmas lights display that is synchronized to the entrance music for the Golden Knights! Go Knights Go!

2. 1420 E Robindale Rd. Las Vegas,...

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Oh boy mamas! The holidays are here and in full swing. We have put together some our fave goodies. Lets be truthful, we know you spend a lot of time giving to your family, and focusing on everyone but you; so a lot of these are actually for YOU! Whether the hubby says go pick out what you want, or you want to treat yourself, or gift another mama in need, we think these are the best and know you deserve it!

1. 'Gratitude' Essential...

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What we love about this recipe, is it's basically 1 pot! So you aren't slaving over dishes and clean up afterwards. The Pioneer Woman is one of our favorite chefs!

"You really will love this pasta, as you get a bunch of deliciousness without a whole lot of effort. It’s a great presentation if you’re having company over (Does anyone have company over anymore? Do...

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We know you've heard about Run Club and Body Back and maybe thought about joining, but just haven't yet. We wanted to share why these coaches do what they do. We asked all the questions, from food, to what, to how, and even why? We found that it is so much more than just a job to them, it's a passion.

First up, Katie Turner, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Run Club Coach

Katie, tell us, what is Run Club?

"It’s a cool, legit running club...

fit4mom las vegas

Halloween is around the corner, what will you and your family be doing? If you are looking for something fun for the weekend prior, and the day/night of Halloween, here are a few ideas that we recommend.

At the Las Vegas Farm, you can experience Hayrides, corn maze, pony rides and more. This is their 28th Annual Farm Fall Festival....

fit4mom las vegas

Come, as you are, mama. That is the greatest thing about FIT4MOM, and particularly, the Village at FIT4MOM Las Vegas. As I was driving away after Stroller Strides last week, I randomly thought to myself, “you never wear makeup anymore,” and then I realized, none of the mamas at class were wearing makeup…today, or any day. Stay with me here, I know its common sense, “you don’t really wear makeup to go workout, and hello, you’ve been working...

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Dear Parenting-After-Loss Mama,

I want you to know that I am here with you. I am five years into parenting my baby boy. Before him, one infant loss and two miscarriages. Since his healthy birth, three miscarriages.

Parenting is hard work no matter what your journey to get here looks like. But this parenting after loss gig, it is really hard.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I wanted to share our story...


We live in a time where fitness is a part of everyday life, and we are lucky enough to have so many options. Thankfully FIT4MOM Las Vegas covers everything from pre and postnatal fitness, and even programs that don't "require" mom status! Mom or not, you are welcome to join Our Village. We are grateful to be named one of the Top 13 Calorie Burning Activities in Las Vegas by RENTCafe. Check out the article...

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We know this might sound silly to some, but to others, this is serious business! If you've been looking for the best PSL in town, we have found it! Surprisingly, it wasn't at a mom & pop shop like we truthfully anticipated. After trying a few locations throughout the valley, we (a handful of awesome ladies) have the results. Some people live for all things pumpkin...and by some, well...we mean us. Ok, back to the findings. When you think...

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You can't run from it, so you may as well just embrace it. There will be Pumpkin everything, everywhere, for the next 2+ months. As we are huge pumpkin fans, we want to share all our favorite pumpkin recipes. We invite you now to hop on the pumpkin train, cause it ain't going away!

Let's start with a basic, Pumpkin Bread! This one is amazing, makes a ton, is super easy,...

crispy parm-2.jpg

This one pan meal from The Recipe Critic will have you and your family asking for more! What we love is how quick and easy this meal is, yet it looks like it took all the time! Enjoy!


  • 2 Chicken Breasts, sliced in half, or 4 thin chicken breasts
  • 8 Tablespoons butter, divided
  • ½ cup Italian Bread Crumbs
  • ½ cup...
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I remember my first class like it was yesterday! I was so nervous being a brand new mom (my baby was 7 months), new to Nevada, and honestly, new to working out. I pull up and park in the right spot (thank gosh), I see a mom getting a stroller out; 'this has to be the right place' i think to myself. I timidly ask her, "umm hi, is this where we go for stroller strides?". Without a thought she says, "Yes! I'm Natalie, you're going to love it,...

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This meal is so easy, so yummy and a bit healthier than the frozen microwave option. Perfect for the Fall weather!


3 cups shredded deli rotisserie chicken (from 2-lb chicken)

2 cans (10 1/2 oz each) cream of chicken soup with herbs

3 cups frozen vegetables (such as peas, carrots, corn, green beans or a mixture)

2 cups shredded Colby-Monterey Jack cheese blend (8 oz)

1 can (16.3 oz) Pillsbury™...

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With summer in full effect, we know how nice it is to get up with the sun and sneak in a quick jog before it gets too hot, or how packing your BOB jogging stroller is a must when heading on vacation.

That being said, it's important to follow jogging stroller safety rules, especially when...


First time mom? Gap between your last baby? Or just wanting to know what the new fancy must haves are for after baby? We have you covered. Our village is filled with every type of mom possible. Working mom, SAHM, older mom, young mom, breastfeeding mom, formula mom, by the book mom, go with the flow mom, ALL THE MOMS! We put them in a room together and sorted out the top things you need for postpartum recovery.

1. Diapers! Yes! Don't...

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We literally never make pancakes unless it is these! Spice it up and add some blueberries, craisins, or chocolate chips! The possibilities are endless.

Tip: We just throw all the ingredients in the Ninja Blender. Less mess, so easy!

Healthy Banana Pancakes by Cooktoria


  • 2 medium bananas
  • 1/2 cup almond milk...
17 f4m birthday.jpg

It’s our birthday today, and we turned 17! (How are we old enough to almost be heading to college?!) What started as Stroller Strides in 2001 has since evolved to FIT4MOM, where we offer prenatal and postpartum classes for every stage of mamahood.

One program turned into multiple —

  • Stroller...
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This is an easy, healthy, and delicious meal from Erin at Well Plated! Our best advice, the cooking goes quickly, so we'd recommend to have your ingredients measured, chopped and prepared, before you begin. Another tip, add another vegetable here and there; asparagus, artichoke etc. Enjoy!


  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 large yellow...
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Whether you're sending your littles off to daycare, pre-k, TK, kinder, grade school, or homeschooling this year, we know lunchbox ideas can run dry week after week. SO, we've got you, Mama!

Celebrating Sweets has one of our favorite blog posts on healthy, easy, creative school lunches that aren't boring, are full of nutrients, and even...

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Let's see if we can save you some money, time and sanity. It’s that time of the week again…grocery shopping! And not just grocery shopping, but grocery shopping, with children. You can only keep them occupied for so long before a freak out over fruit snacks, or a blowout in the bread aisle. We are going to let you in on a secret that you may have heard about, but have yet to try. Three words; WalMart. Grocery....

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Today you woke up, spilled your cold coffee, burned yourself making breakfast, stubbed your toe chasing the kid and its not even 8am! By now the last thing on your mind is what you will be having for dinner. Thats ok, we got you covered; try this recipe for a yummy, healthy and especially easy meal! 10 min prep time and done!

You will need:

· 1 (16 ounce) jar salsa

· 1 (1.25 ounce) package dry taco seasoning...