Stroller Strides Helps New Moms Get Back in Shape and More

January 30, 2014

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Jan 30, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Every new mom wants her pre-baby body back. But it's not easy finding the time to workout. But Stroller Strides may have the answer. Yes, it's a fitness program but it's so much more.

They come armed with strollers, snacks, and toys. And when the kids get fussy, they entertain their audience at the same time they jog, lift, and lunge their way to fitness. Rut Laureano says, "I needed something to cling to that was my hangout. I realized after I gave birth that I was different from my friends who didn't have kids."

Like so many moms, Rut Laureano suffered from postpartum depression and exercising with women who understood made all the difference. And women who choose Stroller Strides say that's why they come. Time with each other and time with their babies. Participant Christine LaFond says, "As a working mom it's so hard, you have to save those moments when you need a babysitter. and I wanted more activities to do with my daughter."

This class at Tivoli Village is offered 3 days a week. Franchise owner Jessica Peralta knows how important exercise and emotional support is to new moms. She has 3 children under 3. "It's nice that women have this experience with others who understand and relate, but also a workout with great results."

There are Stroller Strides classes happening all over town. They also offer free classes through the Barbara Greenspun Foundation to women who qualify.


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