Get Fit Challenge

Stroller Strides Launches "Get Fit Challenge"

January 7, 2013

LAS VEGAS (January 7, 2013) - Moms with little ones who are too busy to make it to the gym but want to get in shape for the New Year can enroll in the Stroller Strides "Get Fit Challenge" and workout with their kids in tow. The "Get Fit Challenge" kicks off on January 14 at Town Square. The 12-week program is geared towards empowering parents to lead healthier lives by encompassing physical fitness, encouraging healthy eating habits and offering helpful recipes and dietary tips.

The Stroller Strides fitness program features weekly classes that offer moms a total body workout while their children are engaged in songs and activities in their stroller.

One Stroller Strides mom taking the challenge to help reach her goal weight is Crystal Schulz. Schulz, who balances a 13-month-old baby and a job while at home, says the Get Fit Challenge will hold her accountable in her effort to lose weight.

“You can’t go away from this class without working hard and doing your personal best, and it has worked for me,” said Schulz, who has lost 20 pounds since she began Stroller Strides last July. She has 20 more to go to reach her goal weight. “This program is my main form of exercise other than walks at home. If you want to workout for an hour, you have to get childcare for two hours in order to include drive time. With Stroller Strides you can bring your child, and it saves a lot of time.”

All participants in the Get Fit Challenge will have their results tracked through fit tests, weigh-ins, body fat composition testing, BMI and other helpful analysis tools. They will also receive weekly emails which will provide additional resources and support.

Stroller Strides franchise owner Jessica Peralta said she created the Get Fit Challenge in an effort to empower its participants.

“Many people begin the New Year with resolutions to lead healthier lifestyles by making changes to their dietary habits or physical activity, but many times these resolutions don't last,” Peralta said. “Stroller Strides Las Vegas hopes to change that with its Get Fit Challenge. My goal with this program is to offer support and encouragement to my clients as they strive to lead those healthier lifestyles and ultimately fulfill those New Year's resolutions- therefore setting positive examples for our children.���������

The Get Fit Challenge is free for all Stroller Strides members, and packages are available for non-members interested in participating. The first class is free so moms and their babies can enjoy a trial run.

Stroller Strides classes take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 a.m. in Town Square Park and are taught by certified instructors. The hour-long classes include a five minute warm-up, 45 minutes of power walking with intervals of strength and body toning exercises using tubing, the stroller and the environment. The class concludes with 10 minutes of abs and stretching. Babies should be at least six weeks of age to participate, and they can be up to any age as long as they remain in the stroller. Moms should wear athletic shoes, bring a towel or mat for ground exercises and any type of stroller.

For more information and to sign up for classes visit Or, check out Stroller Strides on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at


About Stroller Strides

Founded in 2001, Stroller Strides has become the Nation's premiere pre and post natal fitness program focusing on health and wellness within our community. Our services include stroller fitness classes, free wellness and nutrition presentations, weekly free community play groups, support and social networking for new moms, and community service projects through our "Moms with a Mission" program. All classes are instructed by a certified fitness professional who specializes in pre and post natal fitness incorporating American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines into every exercise. In addition to providing a great full body workout for moms, we engage the children throughout our classes with songs and activities- creating a fun and enriching experience for all.

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