(7/27/21) Effective 7/30/21, FIT4MOM Las Vegas is adhering to Emergency Directive 047, which updates the mask and face covering requirements for the State of Nevada to align with the CDC's updated guidance that all persons in counties with substantial or high transmission, whether vaccinated or not, continue to wear a mask while in public indoor spaces.

(5/16/21) Effective immediately, FIT4MOM Las Vegas is adhering to Emergency Directive 045, which updated the mask and face covering requirements for the State of Nevada to align with the CDC’s recommendations on mask usage, including any subsequent guidance issued by the CDC. According to the latest update, individuals who are fully vaccinated no longer are required to wear masks however we ask that all of our clients adhere to any potential venue policies regarding masks.

(11/23/20) In addition to the aforementioned Safety Standards & Protocols on 11/11, masks will now be required regardless of physical activity while in attendance at any FIT4MOM Las Vegas class for three weeks as outlined in the Statewide Pause Restrictions recently announced by our Governor for gyms and outdoor gatherings (click here for full details about this statewide update: As always, our primary goal is to provide a safe space environment for our clients and their families and we are confident that this measure in addition to our social distancing protocols, contactless class procedures and outdoor workout format will allow us the opportunity to continue operating our small business in a manner that helps to mitigate the spread of COVID 19 and keep our community safe.

(11/11/20) Following the most recent press conference from our Governor, our outdoor fitness programs will transition back to a stationary format with clearly marked workout areas for each participant to allow for 10 feet of distance from one another. While masks are not required during high intensity exercises, we encourage all participants to closely follow the mask requirements of our partner venues when arriving to/leaving workouts. In addition, all contactless playgroups will be postponed for a minimum of two weeks. FIT4MOM Las Vegas will continue to adhere to our class policies and procedures in regard to COVID19 precautions for participants as outlined below:

1) Class attendance is conditioned on my being healthy. I will not attend class if I am not feeling well, have recently not been feeling well, and/or have any fever or symptoms of illness.

2) I understand that each attendee must bring her own mats and fitness equipment, which must be sanitized before each class.

3) I agree to maintain at least six (6) feet of distance from all other class participants and the instructor.

4)I will adhere to the Stroller Policy set forth by FIT4MOM Las Vegas requiring children to remain safely buckled in their strollers throughout the duration of class while I am exercising.

5) I understand that pre enrollment is required via pike13 for all classes. If I am no longer able to attend a class that I enrolled for, I must unenroll before 7am on the day of class. No shows will be charged at $15 fee.

6) I understand that once we take our “3 deep breaths” at the conclusion of the workout, our partner venues have requested that we do not congregate at our final class station. FIT4MOM Las Vegas cannot assume responsibility for post-class playing or activities.

(10/1/20) Effective October 1st, our Stroller Strides classes will transition back to their traditional traveling format and instructors will work to ensure that we have proper spacing between all Mamas & kiddos so we can continue to offer in person classes (6 feet apart). All stationary workout programs (ie Body Ignite, Fit4Baby, Boost etc) will continue to have workouts areas clearly marked to allow for appropriate social distancing.

(6/24/20) In response to the local government's most recent update about face covering requirements in public spaces, we find ourselves EXTREMELY fortunate to be able to offer outdoor classes that allow for 6 feet of distance between class participants thus allowing us to continue with our current class schedule. Per the guidelines provided by our local government, face coverings are not required when participating in high intensity workouts while maintaining 6 feet of social distancing (per directive on 07/09/20). With that being said, we must remain extremely diligent about maintaining that distancing throughout the entire class and abiding by any of our venue partners' mask policies once classes have concluded.

(6/10/20) We are pleased to announce that FIT4MOM Las Vegas will begin phasing back to in-person classes the week of June 10th. There are a multitude of factors we are working through in order to make this happen even though we have been preparing for this moment for weeks. Here is a brief summary of what that transition will look like:


•Our virtual schedule will continue through at least July for all active memberships/passes. We will re-evaluate possible extension based on attendance, future member surveys and the latest guidelines from our venue partners regarding our in person class capacities.

•We are finalizing our schedule of classes and available instructors to teach those classes. Based on our Member Re-Opening Survey, our goal is to provide the most frequently requested regions with available options to attend in person workouts should they desire. We will provide the latest details about that schedule on this Friday during our Member Coffee Chat at 12pm (this call will be recorded). Beginning on 6/5, available classes will be updated in pike13 each Friday with the following week's class offerings.


•ALL in person classes will require pre enrollment to accommodate for the class size restrictions we have for each class location based on their existing requirements. We regrettably cannot allow walk ups at this time as exceeding our capacity can place our venue partner contracts at risk.

•Anyone who attempts to pre enroll for a class that has already reached its capacity will automatically be placed on a waitlist. Pike13 will automatically notify you if a spot becomes available.

•We kindly request that if you are no longer able to attend class on a specific day, please be sure to un-enroll by 7am to allow plenty of time for our waitlist mamas to enroll. Any no-shows or late cancels will be charged a $15 fee.

•A reminder that you can easily access your pike13 account by visiting our website, and clicking on “My Account” along the top.


•If you or your family members have symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath, please enjoy our virtual classes only.

•Please maintain 6 feet of distance between fellow Members & your Instructor

•Be sure to bring your own exercise equipment, exercise mats and children’s toys to class.

•Please practice good hygiene.

•We must strictly enforce the Stroller Policy where all children must be safely buckled in for the duration of class.

•For the time being, in person playgroups must be canceled until further notice. Once we take our “3 deep breaths” at the conclusion of the workout, our partner venues have requested that we do not congregate at our final class station. FIT4MOM Las Vegas cannot assume responsibility for post-class playing or activities.

***Not adhering to these policies could result in the termination of our venue partner contracts which allow us to operate classes. Thank you for helping us to follow the very latest standards as recommended by our local government, health officials, and venue partners as we begin to re-open.

(3/18/20) In order to ensure your safety and protect our wider community, we will be moving our classes online given the recent announcement by our Governor to close all "non-essential" businesses. This will be effective for all classes and all locations effective March 18, 2012. Please take a moment to read the full announcement below.

Why we made this decision:

FIT4MOM values community care above all else, and we want to do our part in “flattening the curve” of potential new cases of the Covid-19/coronavirus. Flattening the curve means reducing the speed with which new people are contracting the virus, which allows our healthcare system to keep up and care for those who need it most.

Per local government guidance, our general population continues to be at low-risk; however, many people are getting anxious and feeling uncertain for what’s to come. This is a normal response! Fortunately for most of us, the action to take is as simple as staying home when possible, practicing social distancing and washing our hands. :)

We can be part of a collective, coordinated, and wise set of actions, which could help our elders, our healthcare workers and our community… so let’s do that!

We are so thankful you are a part of our community. As we continue to provide employment to our instructors and value you as members, here’s the solution we've come up with to continue to give you access to our FIT4MOM workouts through our virtual community.

Virtual Classes + Playgroups

We have been working diligently over the last few days in anticipation of the possibility we might be asked by our city officials to temporarily close our "doors." Please take a moment to review our email from Tuesday about how to navigate through your Member Only virtual content materials. You can expect DAILY workout content and virtual social activities through our password secured "Virtual Workout Access" tab on our website. Thank you for your patience as I work to upload new content for you each day... and if you missed our Coffee Chat... please take a listen here as we reviewed many details about how to access your virtual content, enroll for virtual playgroups etc. I know there is a lot of information coming your way but I want to be sure we keep you as informed as possible so you can take advantage of the Member amenities we have to offer. Lean on your Village right now!!!