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Our Village: Birthday Club feat Tiny Toes Play Zone and Airy Fairy's Bakey Cakey

November 11, 2022 10am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! The FIT4MOM birthday club is back!! We are throwing a MASSIVE birthday party to celebrate all the littles who have recently gotten to add a year to their intros (maybe you're still counting in months and if that's the case, that first year celebration is so significant!)

Join us for an amazing Stroller Strides workout Friday November 11th 9am at Tivoli Village followed by a bday blast put on by our local mama businesses: a fully kid-safe, kid-fun play zone provided by Tiny Toes Play Zone, goodies by our own instructor Ari with Airy Fairy's Bakey Cakey, and bday goodies for our kiddos celebrating recent birthdays!

Please be sure to enroll for this one in advance so we can bring the right number of goodie bags and treats.