Strength for Motherhood Workshop

January 24, 2019 6pm, April 11, 2019 6pm, August 15, 2019 6pm, October 17, 2019 6pm

Motherhood isn't always easy. Join us for this FREE workshop at Summerlin Hospital as we learn more about finding the physical and emotional Strength for Motherhood.

Among the topics covered are:

•Physiology of pregnancy- How our bodies change

•What are my nutritional needs during pregnancy and as a new mom?

•How to identify and overcome Postpartum Depression

•Exercise considerations during pregnancy and after... Myths vs Facts

•How to choose a jogging stroller and other 1st time mommy necessities

•Let's get moving! Exercises we can do at home WITH our babies as recommended by the American Congress of OB/GYNs

•The importance of finding great social support as a new mom