Centennial Hills Playgroup Captain

As a Playgroup Captain, we look to YOU as a cultivator of community connections. Here are the expected roles and responsibilities for our Captains:

1. Extend a warm welcome to every new mom and welcome them to the playgroup. There are no closed playgroups. Arrive to class a few minutes early to help welcome all moms to class.

2. Follow up on all inquiries and referrals in a timely manner (24-48 hours) by informing our Membership Manager of a mom’s potential interest in joining us for a complimentary workout if they have never attended.

3. Prepare and distribute a monthly calendar of events (submitted electronically via MeetUp.com).Events cannot coincide with existing classes. This calendar must be uploaded onto our Meet Up website and include:

•All bi monthly playgroup events and outings. You are the point of contact/leader of these events, so schedule them according to your availability;

•A monthly Mom’s Night Out event (coordinated with Fit4Mom Las Vegas Community Liaison);

•Any additional Events/Specialty Classes/Our Village Mom’s Club Events.