Community Liaison

Roles and responsibilities of the Community Liaison position include, but are not limited to:

-Liaison between all playgroup Captains and FIT4MOM Instructors to ensure the highest quality of events/activities for our clients.

-Reviewing/approving monthly activity posts from all playgroup captains’ locations

(Town Square, Tivoli Village, and The District) and ensuring uniformity of playgroup posts to our Meetup account (we do this via our private FIT4MOM Las Vegas Team Page.

-Creating event posts on Meetup for general FIT4MOM events/activities that are open to the public (playgroup Captains would be responsible for posting their respective locations' activities).

-Assuming an active role on our Meetup account and responding to general inquiries or redirecting inquiries to appropriate staff.

-Exploring new possible community partners and creating unique activities/events with them with the ultimate goal of new lead generation. May establish committees to assist with execution of certain activities/events.

-Coordinating of quarterly Moms on a Mission community service opportunities/events

-Assisting with coordinating of any FIT4MOM Las Vegas community event such as races, annual Family Day Picnic, Cabana Day, Holiday Party, etc (may create committees to assist)

-Scheduling of activities with our existing community partners and any affiliated Preferred Providers who may offer opportunities for social activities/events, etc