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Crystal, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Client since July '13

When I started my journey with my FIT4MOM Las Vegas family I had no clue how it would change my life……

I joined Stroller Strides in July 2013. I needed something to get me moving and out of my postpartum depression. As I left my first complimentary class, I knew I wanted more. Being surrounded by so many amazing Moms and their little ones was just so inspiring. The first class was tough... not just physically, but emotionally too. Regardless of my struggle I kept pushing myself more and more every single class. I can remember announcements being made about the debut of Body Back... a holistic fitness program that was supposed to provide intense workouts AND nutritional support. I knew I needed to join... it was what I needed. I had no clue how to eat… Sounds silly, but it was something that took me a very long time to come to terms with…

I still remember the first assessment as if it was yesterday. I seriously didn’t think I would make it through but to my surprise not only did I survive, I led the session as the highest percentage change for the eight weeks....


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Paige, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Client since October'12

I had my son in California at the end of March last year-3 months later we moved to Las Vegas in the middle of the summer. Adjusting to a new city, a new baby, 100 degree temperatures, and my new career as 'Mom' were all very difficult things for me to do. I spent my days cleaning the new house, going grocery shopping, and caring for a colicky baby who spit up all over me all day long. We don't have family out here so I was alone.

After about 4 months of putting all of my baby weight back on, while sitting inside in the air conditioning and becoming a very unhappy wife and mother, I decided enough was enough. I needed something that I could do with my son. Some place to take him where it didn't matter if he was having one of his crying fits. Some place filled with other adults(not the cashiers at Target) who I could have a conversation with!! I contacted Jessica and after about one million questions I figured I'd give it a shot...the first class was free.

I was pretty nervous that day. I was so use to sitting around my house alone that the thought of going...


Because of Body Back, "I'm the strongest and healthiest I've been in my adult life!" ›

Jill, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Client since May '14

This is long overdue, but life gets busy (especially when you're a mommy). Right now, I am riding 5 hours shot gun to the beach, so I have time to really let you know what Body Back has done for me.

When you invited me to participate in Spring Body Back, I felt like my prayers had been answered. I had been seriously working out for about 6 months. Although, I had been getting physically stronger, I was not losing weight. I was frustrated and feeling defeated. I thought, maybe this is just my body type and I better accept it. Then, after a lot of tears and prayer, you called me with the opportunity to join Body Back. I was renewed with the possibility of a second chance at getting fit.

You assured me that the program would lead me and if I put in the hard work and followed the program, I would see results. So, I made a promise to myself that I would follow the program as closely as I could. It was tough. Really tough. But, I had you leading me through each step of the way. All I had to do was listen and put in the work. There was no guesswork on my part. It took all...


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Rachael, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Client since January '13

My Stroller Strides journey started in California when my daughter was 7 months old. My husband's job had relocated us to a new area where I had no family or friends. After 2 months of feeling lonely being home alone with the kids all day plus I still hadn't lost all my pregnancy weight I decided I had to do something about it. I began scouring the Internet for meet-up groups and fitness programs and stumbled across Stroller Strides. Everything I was looking for in one package! Now like a lot of people, at first I was skeptical. I wondered what kind of workout I could really get with the kids in tow. I decided one morning to go to the park where one of the classes was held and sit in my car and see what it was all about. I was amazed! There was this group of women all shapes and sizes warming up next to a row of strollers. Everyone was smiling and no one was phased by fussy babies. I went straight home and emailed the owner to set up my free trial class.

My first day I felt so welcomed and boy was the workout intense. I was very out of shape at the time and loved that the...

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