Crystal, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Client since July '13

When I started my journey with my FIT4MOM Las Vegas family I had no clue how it would change my life……

I joined Stroller Strides in July 2013. I needed something to get me moving and out of my postpartum depression. As I left my first complimentary class, I knew I wanted more. Being surrounded by so many amazing Moms and their little ones was just so inspiring. The first class was tough... not just physically, but emotionally too. Regardless of my struggle I kept pushing myself more and more every single class. I can remember announcements being made about the debut of Body Back... a holistic fitness program that was supposed to provide intense workouts AND nutritional support. I knew I needed to join... it was what I needed. I had no clue how to eat… Sounds silly, but it was something that took me a very long time to come to terms with…

I still remember the first assessment as if it was yesterday. I seriously didn’t think I would make it through but to my surprise not only did I survive, I led the session as the highest percentage change for the eight weeks. By the end of my first session, I not only lost 25 pounds, but I gained strength! I became addicted with the Body Back program. I knew I was a lifer- as long as it would be offered I would continue. I have officially completed 3 ½ sessions and will be going into my 4th. With the combination of Body Back and Stroller Strides I’ve received a second chance in life. Not only do I feel a million times better I have gained a longer life. I have been able to drop 80 pounds, started at a size 22 and now I am in a 14. I truly never thought where I am today would ever be possible. I now have the courage and confidence that anything is possible.

One of my biggest “Why’s” is my kids. I don’t want to be on the side lines, I want to run and play with them. I want to teach them happy healthy habits. I have now been given that chance. I didn’t like going to the park before Body Back and now I love it. I run and play with my little ones as much as possible. I seriously have been given a second chance at life, I could say it over and over! I have my before picture from my very first Body Back on my motivation wall as a constant reminder of that unhappy and unhealthy women. I believe in this program with all my heart. If you have ever wondered or thought about giving Body Back a chance, DO IT!!! Take that first step, it may be the hardest but you won’t regret it. Give yourself that chance, you deserve it!

**UPDATE** 11/1/14

We're excited to share that Crystal is to date lost 100 pounds through FIT4MOM! She truly is an incredible inspiration and we are so honored to be a part of her Body Back journey!

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