Because of Body Back, "I'm the strongest and healthiest I've been in my adult life!"

Jill, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Client since May '14

This is long overdue, but life gets busy (especially when you're a mommy). Right now, I am riding 5 hours shot gun to the beach, so I have time to really let you know what Body Back has done for me.

When you invited me to participate in Spring Body Back, I felt like my prayers had been answered. I had been seriously working out for about 6 months. Although, I had been getting physically stronger, I was not losing weight. I was frustrated and feeling defeated. I thought, maybe this is just my body type and I better accept it. Then, after a lot of tears and prayer, you called me with the opportunity to join Body Back. I was renewed with the possibility of a second chance at getting fit.

You assured me that the program would lead me and if I put in the hard work and followed the program, I would see results. So, I made a promise to myself that I would follow the program as closely as I could. It was tough. Really tough. But, I had you leading me through each step of the way. All I had to do was listen and put in the work. There was no guesswork on my part. It took all of the stress out of my end goal.

From the very first class, Body Back was where I knew I needed to be. All of the ladies were inspiring and supportive. We were seeking the same goal and the camaraderie was so motivating.

Jessica, you are an amazing leader, coach, and friend! That first weigh in and measurement is so humbling. I felt so vulnerable and you looked and me after I sighed with embarrassment and said, "Hey, this is the last time you're going to see these numbers." You were right and each week I became stronger physically and mentally. You had us doing workouts I never imagined I could do. You didn't coddle us. You encouraged us and you stayed on top of each of us to improve our form and work harder. Even when I didn't think I could work harder, you motivated me and I did it. The classes flew by and before I knew it, the session was over.

The food journals are phenomenal! It guided me on how to eat "real" food with portion control. So, I followed that book closely. It taught me how to eat clean and healthy foods. Each week, I was losing weight at a healthy rate. As a recovering anorexic bulimic, this was the first time in my life I have lost weight in a healthy, positive way I can be proud of.

I can't say enough about what you and Body Back have done for me! You gave me my confidence back and I happened to get fit in the process! I am proud of the strength I've gained. I am a better mother, wife, and role model. I bonded with an awesome, strong group of ladies in the process.

Body Back is such a well orchestrated program that focuses on the success of its participants. If you follow directions, you will succeed.

I am proud to say I lost 17 lbs in the spring class and have since lost an additional 8 lbs for a total of 25 lbs! I owe it all to Body Back. I still look to the food journals for healthy options. I am learning how to create what Body Back has taught me into a lifestyle. I love it! I still enjoy keeping up with my Body Back family. I am so proud of the accomplishments we continue to achieve together.

On that note, I'm off to the beach. I can wear my swim suit without cringing and enjoy spending time with my family without feeling self conscious.

From the bottom of my heart... Thank you, Jessica! I'm 37 and I'm the strongest and healthiest I've been in my adult life. You are awesome!!!

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