My Village

Paige, FIT4MOM Las Vegas Client since October'12

I had my son in California at the end of March last year-3 months later we moved to Las Vegas in the middle of the summer. Adjusting to a new city, a new baby, 100 degree temperatures, and my new career as 'Mom' were all very difficult things for me to do. I spent my days cleaning the new house, going grocery shopping, and caring for a colicky baby who spit up all over me all day long. We don't have family out here so I was alone.

After about 4 months of putting all of my baby weight back on, while sitting inside in the air conditioning and becoming a very unhappy wife and mother, I decided enough was enough. I needed something that I could do with my son. Some place to take him where it didn't matter if he was having one of his crying fits. Some place filled with other adults(not the cashiers at Target) who I could have a conversation with!! I contacted Jessica and after about one million questions I figured I'd give it a shot...the first class was free.

I was pretty nervous that day. I was so use to sitting around my house alone that the thought of going out in the heat and meeting new people made me panic. I did it anyways because I was sick of listening to myself complain about my weight and unhappiness.

After wrangling up my own personal traveling circus, my son and I headed down to Town Square for our first Stroller Strides class. Right when I got to the meeting spot I felt a huge weight lift off my chest. A group of moms-in all different shapes and sizes- stood around their strollers chatting with each other. Some babies were sleeping, some where eating, and some were crying. These were 'my' people...we were all in the same boat.

The work out was amazing. Jessica made it very easy for me to work to my level of fitness. Instructions were clear and there were modifications that really helped me out in the beginning. There are instructors out there-at other gyms and studios-where I secretly want to kill them. They bark orders at me while they sit comfortably on top of their 'Super Fit' pedestals. This work out was a totally new experience. Jessica had her 2 kids in tow, and no matter if both were crying or if they were smiling she lead by example and squatted a little deeper and grinned through the burn :)

Stroller Strides saved me. I say that because I didn't know how to save myself. Women who were battling the same demons I was were right along side of me- working out, being healthy, and becoming stronger mothers for their babies and more importantly themselves. As mothers, we never put ourselves first. Stroller Strides allowed me to take care of me while not dropping the ball on being a mom.

I go to Stroller Strides 4 sometimes 6 days a week now. I go because I love the work out. I go because my son gets to play with other babies. I go because when I go to visit with 'my' people it makes me stronger. They say it takes a village to raise a child..when you have no village it can seem like a never ending uphill battle. These women and children are my Las Vegas family...they are my village :)

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