MJ from X107.5 FM Las Vegas joins us for Stroller Barre

First off, let me say “Why didn’t I find this class sooner!” I not only had a blast working out and including my lil Vivi..who will be 6 months next week, but I actually got a kick ass workout, which I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be sweating and feeling the burn so much, since it was a “mommy and me ” class…but “What A Workout!”, I already hit up 4 of my mommy friends to join me next week, and if you want to join me too, feel free to link up with me on Facebook and lets chat!

I was thinking, it’s way to hot outside to take the baby in a stroller…but the class was perfect. We had fun in the shade, doing stroller sprints or power walking around the mall with fun pit stops doing squats, and other barre inspired movements along with singing songs to the kiddos.

I was suprised at the age ranges too for babies from 7 weeks to kiddos 4 yrs, just enjoying the ride with mom. As for the mommas, pregnant ladies can also participate with modifications, and today I met a new mommy friend Alissa who was 28 weeks pregnant with her 2nd son and her 2 yr old William got to work out with her today. Anyone can play (I heard dads join too!!)

Jessica Peralta, owner of Fit4Mom Las Vegas lead the class Stroller Barre which I took today at Downtown Summerlin. She was such an inspiration and really took the time to chat with me afterwards about all the fun events & classes that she has for Vegas mommies.

I recommend to any moms in Vegas who think it’s too hot outside to workout with the baby…check out the schedule for Stroller Strides and try a class….FIRST ONE FREE!


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