Mommy and Me Workout Tips

So, one of the things we love most about our Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes is the fact that we can have our little workout buddies right by our sides throughout our 60 minute sweat sessions. And I can understand why for some people the thought of workouts with your baby may seem like an impossible feat. But, I'm here to tell you it's not! So if you're heading out the door to catch your nearest mommy and me workout, grab your water & diaper bag and check out some of our moms' favorite tips:

  • Come prepared. Have a diaper bag loaded with anything and everything to prepare you for whatever obstacles may come your way as you're rocking out those squats and bicep curls. Diaper Blowout? CHECK.... have an extra set of baby clothes, diaper, wipes, and plastic baggie to dispose of the dirty deed. Hunger pangs? CHECK... for the little ones, an extra milk supply never hurts... wether you're nursing or formula feeding be sure to pack extra bottles or join a workout where no one will bat an eye if you stop to nurse your baby in between sets. For the older kiddos... special snacks for your mommy and me workout time are a great treat for toddlers. We have a mom who shared with us at a Stroller Strides class recently that she gives her toddler a tangerine at the beginning of class. He spends the majority of the class working ambitiously to peel that tangerine ("I can do it by myself, Mommy") and by the end of class has a great healthy snack to nibble on (brilliant!).
  • Change the scenery. We love the fact that the majority of our classes are outdoors so our moms and kiddos can take in the beautiful blue skies and fresh air during their workouts. Another idea? Stroller Swap... at some of our Stroller Strides classes, we'll incorporate some "Ring Aroung the Rosie" Cardio and other interactive workouts sets that keeps the babies entertained with new mommy faces that wave hello or make silly faces as they side shuffle thorugh different cardio sets. Does your baby have a stroller buddy? Set them up facing one another during your strenghthening/toning sets so they can socialize with another and maybe even admire your form with a round of applause:-)
  • Entertainment. If you're at a Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre class, our fitness instructors are sure to pack in the "fun for baby" kid's songs, storytimes, and interactive play. But it never hurts to bring along some of your kiddo's favorite things. Maybe it's a stuffed animal, a book, or for the older kids their very own bubbles to help the instructor out during bubble time. Lots of our moms have special toys that they only bring out during their workouts so their babies aren't just seeing the same stuffed Mickey Mouse toy that they play with all the time at home.
  • Most importantly, bring the right mindset. Remind yourself that you are there to be the very best version of YOU during that workout and on some days that may mean getting to class late, with toothpaste stains on your shirt (or lack thereof if you ran out the door sans scrubbing those pearly whites), or with a baby who is making you fully aware of the woes of teething. Motherhood is unpredictable and we need to remind ourselves that everyday that we bring our kiddos along with us to a workout, there are a million and one different factors that will determine how exactly those babies will be "cheering you on" during those rep counts. So find a supportive workout community, a VILLAGE that can relate to YOU and let you know every single day that you are an incredible mother who is out there setting a positive example for her family. And if you can find a workout group like FIT4MOM who can show you that your kids are just as much of a client as the moms are... even better! Don't have one in your area, contact us ( and we can help get one closer to you!
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