How Do We Even Mom in 2020?

Lisa Lantz

Well, for me, and I’m sure a LOT of us mamas, this couldn’t be more true.

If it isn’t school drop off, it’s a workout class, playdate, doctor’s appointment, Girl Scout meetup, group run, grocery shopping, laundry, soccer practice, husband work trip, or facebook groups to keep up with. Oh, did I mention I’m a fitness instructor and a Run Club coach? And I run my own business from home? And I’m a key spouse for my husband’s squadron (It’s a military thing)? And I have 2 kiddos, one that stays home with me all day...yeah, I got stressed out reading that too.

So how do we do it? How do we keep up with everything that’s expected of us on a daily basis? All while maintaining our sanity? I’m still working on the sanity part (hint: I run, like a lot – that has helped), but I’ve got a few of the other things on my list of duties down to a science. Obviously with growing babes, our schedule is constantly changing. So I’m going to talk about how I’ve been able to keep up with my health and wellness, my workout schedule and my business, all while being a mom of 2 and a military wife. PHEW, ok! Let’s get started.

A bit about me:

HI! I’m Lisa. I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and met my husband Matt our Freshman year of high school. We started dating Senior year and have been together ever since (going on 14 years). Matt joined the Air Force in 2010 and we’ve been living that military life and enjoying every minute of it. We’ve lived in Arizona, Nebraska, Hawaii, and now Nevada. We have two girls; Grace and Isla, who keep us very, very occupied. I went to school to become a surgical tech and worked in the operating room for about 9 years before becoming a stay at home mom in Hawaii (because hello, we lived 10 minutes from the beach and I’m going to take advantage of that). I specialized in open heart surgery, and fun fact; my favorite procedures are leg amputations (ask me why the next time you see me in person, it’s great I promise). I love all things organizing and I’m kind of obsessed with oils, but we’ll get back to that topic in just a bit.

I started attending FIT4MOM when we lived on Oahu, and it was the best thing that I never knew I needed as a new stay-at-home mom. Grace was 2.5 when we moved, and I got pregnant with Isla like 3 weeks after we got there, so it was a very different routine for the whole family! On top of being home with my toddler for the first time ever, pregnant, and on a tiny rock in the middle of the Pacific, I didn’t know anybody and it can be so hard to make friends at a new duty station. When I learned that there was a FIT4MOM group, I knew I had to go. So let’s talk about how why I’m here!

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I honestly have no secret sauce as to how I keep up. I’ve always been a very schedule oriented person, so creating a routine and sticking to it has been easy for me. I know this is not easy for everyone, and doing all of the things for your family all while making sure that YOU are getting what you need to remain your own person, can be so so hard when it comes to taking care of yourself. I have a few tips and tricks that I’m going to share with you.

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When I started to dabble with using essential oils, I had no idea that it would become a business for me. I mainly started using them to get my baby to sleep through the night. You can read our full story of how we got started here. Needless to say, when I saw what it was doing for my family, I wanted to share that with others too. Here’s something that I had to learn the hard way: just because Target sells it, doesn’t mean it’s SAFE. I’ve seen sooo many mamas come to a realization that when they got rid of all the commercial cleaning products, candles, sprays, and fake plug-in fragrances in their home, they noticed their kiddos aren’t coughing as much, they were sleeping better at night, not missing a ton of school from being sick, and just overall healthier as a family. I’ve found that it is so much easier to stick to a routine and maintain it when everyone in the house is healthy. It makes such a difference!

So I’m going to finish with basically what I asked in the first few paragraphs. How do we do it all? Obviously we’re moms, and we are the gatekeepers to our homes, doing the majority of the work. But when it comes time for you to do something for yourself, how often does that happen? When I started to be SELFISH (in a very good way, lemme explain) with my time, that’s when the “me” time was spent doing things that made me happy, that pressed the reset button, that refreshed my browser – if you get what I’m trying to say.

You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup

(re-read that, and say it out loud this time)

Go get that massage, go get your nails done, TAKE A NAP, go sit outside, read a book, go for a run (my personal fave), do what you need to do to get yourself back to a full cup. If you need help doing this, let me know. I love to help mamas find what they’ve been looking for and create that lifestyle that they’ve been wanting for their family.

Thanks for having me on the blog ladies!

xo, Lisa