Why Every Mom Needs a Village

Jessica Peralta

Often times we hear that “it takes a Village to raise a child.” And while that holds very true, many of us don’t realize that it’s really the Moms of the world who could use the support of a Village most. Since the beginning of time, we know that “village life” inherently fostered a sense of safety, inclusivity, purpose, acceptance, and importance to its “tribe”. So why would we deprive ourselves of those beautiful gifts as mothers now? At FIT4MOM, our foundation is grounded in connections. Connecting mom to her children, connecting mom to other moms and most importantly connecting mom to her true self. Need more reasons to find a Village?

Check out our top 5 traits of a perfect Mama“hood.”

1. INCLUSIVITY... no ifs, ands or buts about it. We all deserve a Village who will accept you as you are. When you have bags under your eyes and are (inevitably) wearing a shirt with too many stains to count, you are not judged. If your child screams or fusses, your Village accepts that the noise is temporary, and instead offers a gentle smile or a hug... because we’ve all been there.

2.STRENGTH... #momstrong. A true Village helps you to realize an undeniable strength within yourself- both physically and emotionally. You are made stronger in so many ways by the simple support of your tribe. You should feel encouraged by your Village to dig deep and find strength that you almost forgot you had whether it’s by pushing through a few more exercise reps or receiving encouraging words through a challenging life situation.

3. BALANCE... does it ever really exist as a mom? That’s why you need relationships that both support and challenge you. Offering grace and compassion on those days you desperately need a break and issuing invitations to test yourself on those days when you’re feeling brave enough to dig a little deeper.

4. TRANSPARENCY... nobody is perfect. We need each other. We need to learn from each other. We need to share with each other. And we need to support each other. We need our friends, we need our family, we need our neighbors, we need strangers in the grocery store, we need healthcare professionals, we need fellow mamas in the trenches on internet message boards and social media, and we need moms who have been there to give us wanted and unwanted advice, to love us, and even just to nod their heads and say “I’ve been there, sister.”

5. LOVE... the lynchpin of motherhood and all life. Motherhood is a constant learning process, and in the same way a village raises a child, we need the unconditional love and support of other mothers around us to help us grow and become successful moms... We truly raise each other.

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-Jessica Peralta

Owner FIT4MOM Las Vegas

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